Most mints produced 200,000 strings a year; the largest was named Shao Zhou and located in Guangdong, where there was a large copper mine. These coins with mint names on the reverses, known as Huichang Kai Yuans, are of poor workmanship and size compared with the early Kai Yuans. The coins varied in value throughout the history. In 1048, the large iron coins were devalued to 3 iron cash.

As it is rather common, and there are no bronze small cash from the next three periods, it appears to have been issued for longer than one year. 《中國錢幣大辭典 - 先秦編》 Zhongguo Qianbi Da Cidian – Xian Qin Bian (Chinese Coin Encyclopaedia – Early Times to Qin). Yong Long tong bao (Chinese: 永隆通寶; pinyin: yǒnglóng tōng bǎo) have the character Min (Chinese: 閩; pinyin: mǐn) on the reverse and comes from the Fujian region. Most of them, however, have been unearthed in Sichuan (in one instance in a tomb dated to 227) together with Zhi Bai coins, which, together with the incuse marks on the reverse, indicates that they are issues of Shu Han.

Zhi He yuan bao (Chinese: 至和元寶; pinyin: zhì hé yuánbǎo) (1054–55). ...

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